Jacket Sleeve Alterations

Aug 16, 2021 | Theatrical Costumes

Suit jacket sleeves can be altered to be shorter, and sometimes up to an inch longer, depending on the existing hem.

  1. If there are buttons on the sleeve placket, remove them.
  2. Rip out seam that attaches lining to jacket fabric at sleeve hem, working around any placket.
  3. To shorten sleeve, fold up the jacket fabric to the desired length and steam press new hem.
  4. If necessary to make the new length work, remove placket entirely and hem the sleeve with no placket. 
  5. To lengthen sleeve, after ripping out the fabric/lining seam, straighten out all fabric and steam press to remove fold lines.
  6. Sew seam binding to the end of the sleeve fabric.
  7. Fold the jacket fabric to the desired sleeve length, and steam press (you can fold up a very small amount of the jacket fabric – just enough to hide the seam binding.)
  8. If needed, sew a band of lightweight fabric to the sleeve lining to make he lining as long as the sleeve.
  9. Fold and steam press a small hem in the lining, towards the sleeve fabric.
  10. Hand-sew the lining hem to the sleeve hem
  11. Steam press hem