Jacket Alterations – Suit Jackets

Aug 16, 2021 | Theatrical Costumes

Suit jacket alterations are a bit tedious but definitely doable. If the body of a costume suit jacket is too large for the actor, it can be altered through the center back seam. The suit jacket in this picture (purchased at Goodwill for $8) was several sizes too large for the actor. I altered it down following these steps:

    1. Go inside jacket and locate the center back seam of the lining
    2. Rip out center back lining seam to within a couple of inches of the collar band at the top. Then rip the seam to within a couple of inches from the bottom hem.
    3. Pull the back center seam of the jacket fabric through the opening in the lining. By machine, take in the seam the desired amount.
    4. Steam press the back center seam of the jacket material. Press the seam open
    5. Hand-sew the lining back together. Take in the seam to match the alteration in the jacket fabric.
    6. Steam press the new lining seam. Be careful not to scorch the fabric. The lining of men’s suits is usually polyester and often can’t withstand the high heat of a steam iron