Snap Tape – How to work with it

Aug 17, 2021 | Theatrical Costumes

A variety of types of snap tape are available, but I found that the best (and least expensive) kind for break-away clothes has standard-sized plastic snaps. The plastic snaps make less noise than metal, so the microphones are less likely to pick up the “ripping” sound.

How to apply Snap Tape

  1. Snap tape has 2 sides that fasten together. Separate the two sides.
  2. Sew one side of the tape to the outside of the left side of the seam, and the other to the inside of the right side of the seam.
  3. Match the two sides of the tape so that, once the snaps are closed, the opening looks like a regular seam.
  4. The easiest way to match the two sides is to sew one side of the tape to the garment opening, then snap the two sides of the snap tape together.
  5. Then, lay the other side of the opening over the joined snap tape, matching seams, patterns and edges.
  6. Carefully pin through the top garment layer and un-sewn side of the snap tape.
  7. Unsnap the tape.
  8. Holding the snap tape firmly to the garment, one by one move the pins to the snap tape side of the garment, pinning through the tape and the garment.
  9. Sew the tape to the garment along each side of the tape, using thread that matches the garment. If you are machine-stitching the tape (recommended), using a zipper foot for this stitching allows you to fit stitching between the snaps and the edge of the tape.