Erase Old Seams – Techniques

Aug 16, 2021 | Theatrical Costumes

When removing old seams and hems for alterations, sometimes a mark or indentation will remain even after you steam press the fabric. Here are two tips that will help erase old seams, and make them disappear.

Indentations and Folds

Keep white vinegar in a spray bottle. Spray vinegar on fold or indentation, and then steam press the seam. If necessary, repeat until crease is no longer visible. Note: This can also be used to set new folds, creases, and  pleats – Just spray on vinegar and press.


Alterations sometimes leave a discoloration where the old seam or hem used to be. For light marks on dark fabrics, use a Sharpie pen that matches the fabric to fill in the discoloration to match the rest of the fabric. For dark marks on white fabrics, use a OxyClean to remove the discoloration