Adjusting a purchased mosquito screen to fit a smaller gazebo

Apr 9, 2022 | Home Dec

We recently bought and built a 10’ x 10’ gazebo for our deck. Unfortunately, when we tried to purchase fitted mosquito netting, the only netting I could find at a reasonable price was 12’ x 12’. I purchased the larger netting, and was, fortunately, able to easily adjust the netting to fit our 10’ x 10’ gazebo. 

The netting I purchased had a zipper in the center of each side, so all adjustments had to be made at the corners. Each corner had a reinforced panel, so I marked the top and bottom binding at 12” from both left and right from each corner. I then brought that mark to the corner and tacked each vertical doubled edge by sewing a straight machine-stitch on the binding about ¼” in from the edge.

Do this on the top and bottom bindings. No need to sew the netting between the top and bottom bindings – It will fall correctly. When you hang the netting from your gazebo, you may find that the new folds mean that some of the holes for the hanging rings (probably one on each corner) are blocked by some of the binding that you folded. No worries – Just take an ice pick, an awl or a small pair of scissors and poke a matching hole in the overlapping binding, then slip the hanging ring through all of the layers.